Chances are, if you’ve found us, you know first hand the incredible highs and inevitable tears that come with juggling a career and a family. Like you, we launched ourselves into running two full-time jobs, work and home, with high hopes, enthusiasm and a lot of naivete. Like you, we found out fast that the life of a working mama is a constant race against time, guilt and too many balls in the air and we often had nobody to call on when the going got tough.

One day at 2AM Jodi Geddes was feeding her second baby when she had the idea for Circle In (and pitched it to her close friend, marketing expert Kate Pollard.) It was born from frustration at not being able to find smart, insightful and practical advice affecting working mamas. “Kate and I had held each other’s hands through two babies each and full-on careers, and we were always talking about big and small questions around work and family,” says Jodi. “We were losing confidence, so we knew the need was real and we wanted to help women coming after us.”

18 months and over 1,000 conversations with working mamas and experts later, our online community is finding it’s feet in the world. Whatever your question—or if you just need a friend—you’ll find the answer here. As working mamas, we know the juggle is real. We know it’s exhausting, beautiful, incomparable, confusing. But thanks to our insider knowledge, we also know how to navigate it with sass, humour and vision. We believe in choices, information and post-work wine. We don’t believe in work life balance, but we know how to find work life harmony. We believe in being real rather than social media cool. We’re great mamas, good friends and excellent advocates.

With us on our journey we have senior executives, life coaches, founders, creatives and other working mamas determined to totally smash it at having a family and career. If you’re up for the challenge, we can’t wait to meet you.


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I grew up in Cairns and then – armed with a degree in marketing and PR—travelled the world for three years before landing my first corporate gig in London. That then led to roles at Fosters and the NAB, where I led global and national sponsorships for Rugby World Cup and the AFL before being appointed a general manager after having my daughters, Molly and Eloise. In 2017, I got really sick, which made me really evaluate my values and priorities. It was time to step away, follow my dreams and start Circle In.

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I grew up on a farm and horse stud before using a commerce degree to land a spot in a graduate program at a global consulting firm. After five years, I realised I’d lost my passion for it, so I relocated to Sydney for a senior marketing role at one of the big banks. Six years later, a similar job took me home to Melbourne, where I led a financial services marketing team before moving to realestate.com.au. Over the last 5 years, I’ve had 2 boys (Oliver and Finn), and more recently, I’ve taken the leap into pursuing my ‘passion project’ Circle In, full-time.

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