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Meet Jodi Geddes

Meet Jodi Geddes

Jodi Geddes grew up in Cairns and then – armed with a degree in marketing and PR—travelled the world for three years before landing my first corporate gig in London. That then led to roles at Fosters and the NAB, where she led global and national sponsorships for Rugby World Cup and the AFL before being appointed a general manager after having my daughters, Molly and Eloise. In 2017, Jodi was very ill, which made her really evaluate her values and priorities. It was time to step away, follow her dream and start Circle In.

Jodi loves renovating, believes Netflix is good for the soul, and is addicted to hot things—chips and pilates—as well as loving anything with bubbles in it, especially champagne. In Jodi’s own words “I believe I am a better wife and mama when working, because it gives me a sense of independence and confidence and then I appreciate my time with the girls and my husband so much more. I want my girls to see me as a role model, someone who is successful but always puts her family first. That’s my idea of having it all.”

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