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The power of three

The power of three

If you haven’t heard of this concept, then this will change your life. I promise … it changed mine!

This is not just relevant for your career, but sits across everything we do. Even motherhood. Yes, we all love something that helps us at home and at work.

So often we judge ourselves on how many things we do. How many meetings did I attend today? How many emails did I send? This all makes us feel important and gives us a very quick ego trip, that then quickly leaves us as soon as we walk through the front door at night. Seriously, do your kids really care how many emails you sent or how busy you were at work? They care about love and cuddles and stories and bath time.

What they care about is having a happy mama who is present.

Being happy after a day at work will happen when you get the most important tasks done and feel a real sense of accomplishment. I was someone who used to boast about the number of meetings I attended and how ‘busy’ I always was. I actually enjoyed people seeing how busy I was, but what I realised is that I wasn’t focused on the things that mattered.

A friend told me about this ‘Three’ concept after my first child was born. It was a game changer. No longer was I trying to complete lists that spread across two pages. Instead it was about focusing on the top three things that were important to me that day. The things that would really matter once I ticked them off. Once I applied this to my daily work and personal routine, everything changed.

So here are our tips to help you change your mindset and focus on three:

  1. Across every aspect of your work (and life), pick the three most important tasks that you need to complete. I personally think about mine in the shower each morning.
  2. Get them done. Don’t procrastinate. Find time in your day to get them done. This might mean blocking out time in your diary or cancelling a meeting that you don’t necessarily have to attend.
  3. Acknowledge your achievement. Take 10 seconds each night to acknowledge what you did. If you follow a gratitude pledge, this links in well with the three things to be thankful for.

At Circle In we use this across work and personal matters:

  • We define our top three objectives for the month
  • Our weekly WIP and top three ‘to do’ action items
  • Our three people we would love to talk to

It’s not a hard concept. In fact, it is so simple that it almost feels too basic to write about.

There is no doubt the best things in life are the simple ones. Give it a go—we reckon you will love it.

Written by Jodi Geddes, Co-founder of Circle In


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