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I left the corporate world to start my business with a 10 month old

Sarah KX

Meet Sarah. She’s a fabulous and inspiring mama who took the leap from the corporate world to start her own pilates business with a 10 month old. We loved her honesty about the challenges of finding time to ‘switch off’ while juggling a thriving business and motherhood.

I am a mum of a beautiful two-year-old son Hugo, and also a business owner of two small Pilates studios in the bayside area.

As most working mums can relate, day to day life is constantly busy and I always feel like I’m just rushing between teaching classes, meetings, appointments, childcare and the supermarket!  I think though for me, the hardest feat of running two small businesses and being a mum has been having the ability to allow myself to completely ‘switch off’ from work when needed, so that I can focus my energy and attention on Hugo, and without constantly feeling the ‘mother guilt’ which we mums experience all too often.

Prior to owning my two studios, I was in the corporate world of Public Relations and Events for over 10 years, working for global giants such as L’Oreal and Nike.  I loved the experience and opportunities I was given through these jobs, however the hours were long, the work was constant and draining, and that initial spark I had felt for my career had slowly faded.

When I hit my 30’s, I started to seriously re-evaluate my career path and deliberate as to whether PR was right for me long-term.  As I was starting to also consider having a family in the next few years, I found myself constantly worrying as to how I would be able to balance a fast-paced and high pressure job in PR with being a mum.

So I eventually made the bold decision to completely overhaul my career, take a leap of faith and start over again in the world of fitness – an industry I have always been passionate for, and a part of my life that has helped to keep me mentally focused, positive and reenergised.

When my son Hugo was 10 months old, I purchased an existing Pilates studio in Bay Street, Port Melbourne and moved to the area for ease of the business.  Going back to work after maternity leave of course had its challenges as every mother experiences.  But for me, leaving Hugo on my work days – after spending every day with him since he was born, came with an overwhelming sense of panic and guilt that I would be missing out on all those wonderful developmental stages and milestones.  It took quite a while to overcome this, but has now just made me appreciate even more the days and moments that I do share with him.

After almost 2 years now and a second studio in South Melbourne which I opened in September 2016, I have finally started to find my groove with work, motherhood and finding ‘me’ time.  I have just returned from 4 weeks in Europe with my son, and feel proud to say that I really did manage to ‘switch off’ from work and have a proper the holiday.  I have also realised after being away, that the key here is to having a super supportive and trustworthy team of employees, who were able to prove in my absence that they are more than capable of keeping the businesses going.

My job and my work keep me extremely active, and for this I am grateful.  No day is the same as the next and although I need to always be on ‘standby’ in case an issue was to arise on the work front, I enjoy the challenges that it brings, am constantly learning new things and love the relationships I have built with my clients and employees.

I think for me, being a working mum has helped me to achieve more balance in my life, and although I still have days where the mother guilt creeps in, or I find myself worrying about my long ‘to do list’ of work tasks yet to be tackled when I am with Hugo, I wouldn’t change this lifestyle for anything.  I still love my days in the studios each week, but I equally love my days being a mum and watching my little boy grow…the two biggest and most important aspects of my life which make me who I am today.

Written by Sarah, owner of KX Pilates studios in Port Melbourne and South Melbourne

KX fuses elements of traditional reformer Pilates with cardio and endurance training for a high intensity workout in just 50 minutes.

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