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How to feel empowered by recognising and celebrating your own achievements

How to feel empowered by recognising and celebrating your own achievements

Firstly, Y is it important to feel empowered? How will it make a difference in our world? These are great questions, so let’s go through them.

We all maintain a collection of beliefs, skills and actions that work together to help us feel the way we do. Reviewing and adjusting these behaviours for the better can help us gain a more positive and realistic view of ourselves, build self-determination and independence, and enable us to become empowered.

For most people, we gain self-satisfaction by ticking a task off our to-do list – but the celebration ends there. When was the last time you reflected back on your life and high-fived yourself for achieving something amazing?

Let’s think about our day. Most of us wake up with a huge to-do list and prepare ourselves for the onslaught ahead. At the end of the day when we flop into bed, we don’t always say to ourselves, ‘Wow, well done. You gave that a good crack!’ now, do we? But, Y don’t we? We achieve so many things in one day and yet, we often don’t take even a moment to acknowledge it.

Let’s go into this a little deeper. I meet and interview a lot of people as I travel the world for speaking engagements. In doing so, I have noticed one very common behaviour in people across many nationalities and cultures. And that is to ‘Teflon coat’ or steel themselves to criticism and disapproval from others. This behaviour has it’s place, particularly in business where taking things personally can wreak havoc on your career. However, I also see it working in reverse when compliments are paid and we automatically deflect. Someone might say, ‘Oh, that’s a lovely outfit’, to which you might reply, ‘What, this old thing?’ Sound familiar?

Of course, there are people who are quite happy accepting the compliment. But for the rest of us, we find positive attention and words of encouragement difficult to accept. Perhaps we believe it makes us seem humble, or maybe our inner-monologue has been far too critical for far too long. Either way, the problem we have created, in my opinion, is that when we don’t accept a compliment or celebrate our own achievements, we are starving ourselves of recognition. And because we don’t reward ourselves, we don’t seek to repeat the action. You know the old saying, ‘What gets rewarded, gets repeated’? Well, it’s so true!

Imagine if you constantly acknowledged your wins and celebrated your achievements. You would find yourself in an awesome, positive space, buzzing with excitement and craving to feel like that again. You might just form a habit of putting yourself in a situation where you set yourself up to win.

So, Y not start setting yourself small challenges every day that you know you can achieve and when you do, congratulate yourself for achieving them. Try taking a few minutes at dinner, going around the table and congratulating each member of your family for something they achieved that day and ask them to do the same for you. Create your positive space!

The best way to feel empowered, in my humble opinion, is to find your true purpose in life, share that gift with everyone in your world and celebrate every time you make a positive difference in someone else’s life. Imagine how amazing that would be for you and everyone around you. Are you up for the challenge?

This is why YJuly will exist and continue to educate people on their Y.

Written by Shar Moore, YWoman and creator of YJuly. Multinational award-winning mentor, keynote speaker and author. Visit sharmoore.com.au.






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